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Policies and Procedures

Purchasing and Expenses

Expense and Reimbursement Policy (Effective 12/10/12)


Accounts Payable

Guide for Reimbursements/Honorariums to Employees, Students and Guests

Fellowships Policy and Payment Procedure (Revised March 2010)

Procedure to change the account on Accounts Payable and/or Credit Card Expenses

How to view Vendor Activity in FE Accounts Payable Records

Accounts Payable and Fellowship Forms


Credit Card Program (Effective 4/30/09)

Credit Card Procedures and Information


General Accounting

Common Accounting Terminology

Account Number Information

Journal Entry (JE) Batch Manual

Using Financial Edge


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Biweekly Staff Time Sheet Instructions

Student Time Sheet Instructions

How to View Your Paycheck Online

Diagram of how to view your paycheck online

New self service features for PS Verion 9.0 Instructions

Making payments to Non-Resident Aliens

Non-Standard Pay Policy

Requesting Extra Compensation Payments

Requesting Duplicate Tax Forms/Suggested Record Retention

Electronic Form W-2 Viewing and Printing (revised 10/22/13)

Electronic Form W-2 Providing Online Consent (revised 10/22/13)

Electronic Form W-2 Consent Status (revised 10/22/13)


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Student Account

Making Payments on Student Accounts

Tuition Refund Plan (A.W.G. Dewar, Inc)

Tuition Refund Policy

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Nonresident Alien

You will be redirected to Provost Office webpages

International Guest Procedure

International Guest Resources


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