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Invest in Graduate School/Consider Future Education

Graduate/Professional study can be stimulating, challenging, defining and provide some exciting opportunities that will take you to the next stage of your intended career. Just be sure it is right for you. A meeting with your CPD counselor can help you to navigate this decision.

There are many steps in researching and applying to graduate school. Organization is critical to success.

Timing: Once you are confident you are ready for graduate training, keep in mind that timing is of the essence. Identify the best time to seek that degree. For example some fields may require a few years work experience before beginning your studies. In many cases previous career experience may make you a more attractive candidate to employers once you complete the degree.

Another consideration is whether you are ready for the intensity of the graduate school experience. If the thought of more tests, papers and less free time is unappealing at the present time, don't hesitate to take time to focus on something other than studies. Taking time to explore who you are away from the academic setting may provide insight into your future goals.

Undergraduate Record: If your undergraduate grades are marginal, you may be able to improve your chances of acceptance to graduate school by gaining work experience and taking courses part time. Your ability to demonstrate that you are mature and capable of succeeding academically can have a definite and positive affect on a graduate admissions committee.