Dean's Letter / Misconduct

A few law schools require a statement (Dean's Letter/College Questionnaire) from each of your undergraduate institutions where you are/were a student in good standing. Read the law school admissions materials carefully to determine if this is necessary for the school you are applying to. A note about misconduct: It is STRONGLY suggested that you FULLY disclose any disciplinary issues on your law school applications. Law schools expect it and it will be necessary as you apply for the bar as well.

Your Dean is responsible for writing the Dean's Letter/Questionnaire.

Remember to request your Dean's Letter early in the fall to avoid lengthy delays in processing your letter. If you are a few years out of college and/or your Dean is no longer here, you should contact the Undergraduate Dean's Office at 610-526-5375 and they will pull your records for the letter. It is very important to make sure that the Dean's office has instructions for submitting the information to the law school(s) included in your communication to them.

The law schools included on this list require a Dean's Letter or Form.