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Internships and Summer Jobs

Summer jobs typically focus on the specific needs of the employer. They may need extra assistance to fill in for summer vacation schedules, or have a large project where they need a helping hand. Summer Internships, on the other hand, usually focus on the needs of the student. They are usually organized programs to help develop specific skills and educate students on the industry. It is important to consider both when looking for a summer experience. Either one will immerse you in an environment where you can learn about specific industries or careers.

General Advice

Plan early! Some organizations, including the Federal Government, have deadlines as early as November. Most of the openings for summer jobs and internships will occur between December and March. Ideally, do research during the fall semester and begin to make inquiries over winter break.

Before searching, consider your goals and ask yourself a few questions. What career fields are you interested in? What do you hope to gain from your internship? What types of organizations are you interested in working for? Where do you want to have your internship?

Come up with a plan and be proactive in your search. Don't rely only on email announcements or internships posted to LanternLink. Be creative and look for opportunities.

Prepare a resume and cover letter. When you apply for a summer positions, many organizations will use these as their application. Attend a resume preparation workshop and have your resume reviewed to help you get started.

Prepare for the interview. Be as familiar as possible with the organization. Talk to friends and alumni, and use the resources in the library and on the web.

Browse available internship listings and consider making an appointment with CPD counselors to discuss additional resources and opportunities.