Researching Information from Field Experts

The informational interview: the job seeker’s strongest career research tool.

When starting to explore a particular field of interest, or when seeking more in-depth advice and information, INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWS are the way to learn more about an industry from professionals in that field. View it as research.

What is an informational interview?

As you personally meet or talk to people in an industry or field in which you may hope to work, you have a chance to learn from "those on the inside" about current market issues and trends, both industry-wide and in a particular organization.

How do I get started?

Through INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWING, you begin a relationship with a potential advocate for your future. So, do your research online and make a list of organizations that you would love to work for some day. Identify someone in a department you are interested in, and reach out to request a meeting. A great way to begin is with family and friends, and the list of alumnae/i in CPD.