LinkedIn and Social Networking Advice

A lot of great information can be harnessed online — including relationship development. The important thing is to set parameters and balance multiple ways to reach out to and maintain contact with different professional groups and contacts.

LinkedIn: THE hub for most professional relationship contact.

Facebook and Twitter are used more as research tools to learn about companies, marketing, buzzwords, and current events for most professions.

Social networking pointers and tips:

  • Use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to learn about organizations in which you are interested, as well as to build your network with in professional groups and read news in your fields of interest.
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn with this tutorial.
  • Complete your Linkedin profile to 100 percent.
  • Be mindful and keep up-to-date with privacy settings (do not put your address — including on your resume — on LinkedIn)
  • Google yourself. Be proactive about what information is searchable about you online.
  • Update your information regularly.
  • If you choose to have a picture at all, be picky about what kind of professional photo you post.
  • Use your intuition on what information you share — your instincts are very powerful tools.
  • Make sure you join professional groups on LinkedIn including: Bryn Mawr College Alumnae, Haverford College Worldwide Alumni, Haverford and Bryn Mawr Bi-College Alumnae/i, and sub-group affiliations
  • Utilize complementary sites like Goalee. Learn about Goalee with this tutorial