Educational and Career Counseling

CSI offers individualized help with educational and career planning for adolescents and adults, especially those with learning problems. Services include:

  • consultation, assessment and counseling for adolescents and adults needing accommodations in schools, colleges, or the workplace
  • guided career counseling for people with learning differences, attention or concentration difficulties, or other special needs
  • assisting with selection of an appropriate school or college
  • helping high school students, college students, and adults obtain accommodations under IDEA, ADA/Section 504
  • help obtaining accommodations for professional licensing examinations (e.g. law, nursing, medicine, etc.)


To Inquire about Education and Career Counseling, please contact Dr. Linda Taylor Director of Educational and Career Counseling Services, at 610-526-5900 (lwtaylor@brynmawr.edu).  Fax: 610-526-5927