Group Programs

Social Skills Groups (Ages 8 - 11 and 11 - 14)

CSI offers weekly social skills groups for 8 week sessions multiple times throughout the school year. Each group has 4 to 6 children in the same age range with most groups being single gender. These programs are designed for children with age-appropriate cognitive functioning who are experiencing difficulty in peer relationships. Topics covered include learning to listen, recognizing body language, improving conversational skills, recognizing and expressing feelings appropriately, demonstrating self–control, utilizing relaxation techniques, thinking positively, handling teasing, and solving conflicts. Each group is staffed by two licensed and/or school-certified psychologists.

For more information, please contact Dr. Mary Riggio at 610-526-5900.


At the Movies

"At the Movies” is a group program that uses movies to enhance social and communication skills. Students increase their social skills by watching, analyzing, and discussing conversations and social situations within movies.   We will focus on the themes of empathy, perspective taking, making inferences, and self-control.  Emphasis will also be placed on understanding emotions, tone of voice, and body language.  This group is intended for middle and high school students with social skills needs and/or high functioning autism spectrum disorders. Groups are comprised of 3-5 students, and led by a certified school psychologist. 


Guided Discussion Group for Parents of Gifted and Talented Children

Establish an environment in which parents of gifted children can receive support, guidance and professional advice through discussions with other parents and trained leaders.  Develop parenting skills to nurture the self-concept and emotional development of gifted children and their families.

Topics include: Strengths and Challenges of Gifted Children, Communication and Relationships, Motivation, Enthusiasm and Underachievement, Establishing Discipline, Encouraging Self-Managament, Intensity, Perfectionism and Stress, Relationships with Peers and Siblings and Complexities of Successful Parenting.