Group Programs

Social Skills Groups (Ages 8 to 11)

CSI offers weekly social skills groups for 8 week sessions multiple times throughout the school year. Each group has 4 to 6 children in the same age range with most groups being single gender. These programs are designed for children with age-appropriate cognitive functioning who are experiencing difficulty in peer relationships. Topics covered include learning to listen, recognizing body language, improving conversational skills, recognizing and expressing feelings appropriately, demonstrating self–control, utilizing relaxation techniques, thinking positively, handling teasing, and solving conflicts. Each group is staffed by two licensed and/or school-certified psychologists.

For more information, please contact Dr.Lorraine Ball at 610-526-5900

Executive Function Workshops (Middle & High School)

Certified School Psychologists provide instruction and support in the areas of time management, initiation/procrastination, sefl-monitoring, goal-setting, and self-advocacy.  Workshops consist of six, 90-minute interactive sessions covering a different topic each week, and students are guided through the implementation of strategies in their respective school curricula.  Groups are offered to middle school and high school students.


Young Adult Social Skills Group (Ages 18-24)

The Social Strategy Group is a ten week program designed for young adults (approximately ages 18 to 24 years) with a variety of social challenges such as establishing friendships, reading nonverbal cues, conversing with others, and overcoming obstacles to dating. The group is appropriate for those individuals with autism spectrum disorder, nonverbal learning disability, and social anxiety.


About our group leaders:

Kelly Donahue, Ph.D. (Bryn Mawr College, 2006) is an expert in educational consultation and treatment for individuals on the autism spectrum. For 20 years, she has been supervising Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programs to educate students with autism.  Dr. Donohue also has extensive training and expertise in the treatment of anxiety disorders (including social phobia) with emphasis on family involvement and adjustment to the community.

Michele Robins, Ph.D. (Bryn Mawr College, 1992) has extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of autism spectrum and mood disorders. She has designed social strategy groups based upon evidence based cognitive behavior therapy principals after over 15 years of providing treatment, research, and training at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Medical School of the University of Pennsylvania.  


Contact information: The next 10 week group will begin in April 2013. Please contact the Bryn Mawr College Child Study Institute at 610-526-5900 or email amoleski@brynmawr.edu for further information.