CSI offers a broad range of research-based treatments and modes of therapy, including cognitive-behavior therapy, family therapy, intensive behavioral therapy, play therapy, and parent counseling.  Among the presenting problems/conditions treated at CSI are:

  • attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder
  • autism spectrum disorders
  • anxiety problems, including obsessive/compulsive disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, specific phobias, panic disorder, social anxieties, and generalized anxiety
  • oppositional behavior at home or school
  • emotional regulation, anger/temper issues
  • school refusal
  • depression
  • eating disorders
  • peer relationship problems
  • toileting, eating, sleeping issues
  • developmental disabilities


For more information, please contact Dr. Carol Roberts, Coordinator of Psychotherapy Services, at 610-526-5900 (croberts@brynmawr.edu).