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Curricular Renewal Work Group

The Taskforce on Balancing Mission and Resources recommended "reviewing and reorganizing the curriculum to enhance undergraduate education and promote curricular vitality." The Taskforce observed that the curriculum is an important factor in determining the resources available for achieving goals like competitive faculty salaries and a four course teaching load, and suggested that a curriculum review represents an "opportunity to innovate and to realign curriculum with changes in knowledge and the interests of contemporary students."

Working in conjunction, CAP, the Provost, and the Curriculum Committee gathered the members of the Curricular Renewal Work Group, a sub-committee to examine the College's undergraduate curriculum.

The faculty members who serve are:

  • Ignacio Gallup-Diaz (Chair, Curriculum Committee) and Stephen Slakever (CAP), co-chairs
  • Linda Caruso-Haviland (Arts)
  • Cynthia Bisman (GSSWSR)
  • Radcliffe Edmonds (Humanities)
  • H. Rosi Song (Languages)
  • Tamara Davis (Math and Sciences)
  • Michael Rock (Social Sciences)

Kim Cassidy (Provost) and Karen Tidmarsh (Undergraduate Dean) serve as Administration members.

Subcommittees of the Group:

  • Writing: Linda Caruso Haviland (CRWG); Radcliffe Edmonds (CRWG); Kim Cassidy (CRWG); Michelle Francl; Jane Hedley; Gail Hemmeter; Steve Salkever (CRWG); Karen Tidmarsh (CRWG)
  • First Year Experience: Judy Balthazar; Cynthia Bisman (CRWG); Krynn Lukacs; Michael Rock (CRWG); Jamie Taylor; Victor Donnay; Karen Tidmarsh (CRWG)
  • Languages: Darby Scott; Rosi Song (CRWG); Pauline Lin; Penny Armstrong; Kaylea Mayer; Roberta Ricci; Dan Davidson; Imke Meyer; Ignacio Gallup-Diaz (CRWG)
  • Internationalization/Globalization: Steve Salkever (CRWG); Michael Rock (CRWG); Jane McAuliffe; Cynthia Bisman (CRWG); Juan Arbona; Bharath Vallabha; Marc Ross; Susan White

Reports, and information: