Courses and Curriculum Overview

You've studied dance for many years and want to continue to mature and progress as a dance artist. You were a budding ballerina at age six and haven't danced since. You have two left feet. You only dance at parties and clubs. You'd like to dance at parties and clubs! You want to want to move through your life with more ease and confidence. You want to get in shape. You just want to dance... These are all good reasons to dance and our curriculum is designed to meet you at your level of interest and ability. Many students come to Bryn Mawr with studio and performance experience and we are committed and prepared to fully support their continued growth in dance as an art and an area of creative impulse. We offer a substantial slate of technique courses at varying levels of experience, several types of performance opportunities including Ensembles open by audition, and three levels of Dance Composition and Choreography. But beyond Art, Dance is also ritual, play, politics, religion, courtship, communication, and has existed throughout time and over cultures. In keeping with Bryn Mawr's intellectual heritage and our own broader understanding of dance as a significant and enduring human behavior, we also offer lecture/seminar courses designed to introduce students to their own dance and the dance of others as vital and engaging areas of inquiry and research.

Students may decide to take just one Dance course while at Bryn Mawr or they may make it an important part of their life at the College. Some courses fulfill the Physical Education requirement, others can be taken for academic credit to meet divisional requirements or as electives. Students may also elect to minor or major in Dance, but all students can continue to take classes at all levels whether or not they major in Dance.