Courses and Curriculum Overview

Whether you've studied dance for many years and want to continue to mature and progress as a dance artist, haven't danced since you were six, would like to be able to dance at parties, or just only dance at parties and clubs, or just want to move through your life with more ease and confidence, our curriculum is designed to meet you at your level of interest and ability. Many students come to Bryn Mawr with studio and performance experience and we are committed and prepared to fully support their continued growth in dance as an art and an area of creative impulse.

We offer a substantial slate of technique courses at varying levels of experience, several types of performance opportunities including Ensembles open by audition, and three levels of Dance Composition and Choreography, and lecture/seminar courses designed to introduce students to their own dance and the dance of others as vital and engaging areas of inquiry and research.

Students can elect to document their participation in dance in a number of ways. They may just take one or two courses over their four years or they may choose to minor or major in Dance, but ALL students can take any classes at their level of competence whether or not they minor or major in Dance.

- All technique and ensemble courses fulfill Physical Education credit
- Many technique and ensemble course and all Composition and Lecture/Seminar courses can be taken for academic credit and some of these can fulfill a required Approaches to Inquiry requiremente