Lecture and Seminar Courses

Dance research imagesMost of us come to Bryn Mawr having experienced Dance in the  studio or on the stage. Dance is art, but it is also play, ritual,  social practice, courtship, culture, politics, and more. As a  complement to studio and performance, the Dance Program offers a selection of courses that both introduces students to this  multi-layered notion of dance and engages a variety of approaches ranging from the analytic to the experiential so that  we can make better sense of dance as an important human  activity that has existed across cultures and throughout time.  These courses utilize the creative, critical, and conceptual  processes of dance and position it as both the focus and  critique of those fields of scholarly inquiry that study or emanate from dance in its many forms and functions. These courses are open to all students.  Our core courses, which are offered in a three year cycle, include: Approaches to Dance: Themes and Perspectives; Dance History I and II; Performing the Political Body: Dance and Power; Arts Teaching in Community and Educational Settings; Anthropology of Dance; and Anatomy and Kinesiology for the Dancer.

Bryn Mawr also engages visiting professors bi-yearly who have taught lecture courses within a specialized topic within or   that explore dance forms and cultures beyond traditional Western theatre dance. A few of these courses have included: Dr. Toni Shapiro-Phim -- Dance, Migration and Exile; Dr. Yutian Wong -- AsianAmerican Cultural Studies and Performance; Dr. Brenda Dixon Gottschild -- Africanisms in American Culture: Dance and other contexts; Dr. Pallabi Chakravorty -- Dancing Desire in Bollywood
; and Lester Tomé --Nation, Class and Gender in Latin American Dance. 

In addition, students can utilize an independent study

option in dance. Past student work has included a variety of final projects ranging from field research to scholarly papers.