In the City/In the World



Bryn Mawr offers several options for students interested in working at the junction of art and education, management, or social engagement.

Praxis courses

build on the College's strong tradition of community involvement and civic engagement. The Praxis Program is premised on the principle that social responsibility and "real world" preparedness are achieved through a combination of classroom-based theory with practical experience.The Dance Program offers Arts Teaching in Educational and 
Community Settings, a course intended for students who have substantial experience in an art form and are interested in extending that experience into teaching and learning at educational and community sites. Students study both the history of the arts in education and as well as underlying theories. The praxis component allows students to create a fluid relationship between theory and practice through observing, teaching and reflecting on arts practices in education contexts in 4-6 hours per week of school or community placements. More information can be found on the Praxis webpage.


Dance OutreachDance Outreach Ensemble

is a community focused project, under the guidance of Associate Director Madeline Cantor, that visits schools every Fall in the Philadelphia area, reaching 1500 to 2000 children each year. Dance Outreach introduces these children to dance through a program of original choreography that is supported outreachby commissioned

music and costuming as well. Interested students are expected to  have some expertise in dance, enthusiasm for performance, and an interest in service. Students are selected after an initial group meeting and movement session in the Fall.

Directed Work
Adaobi Kanu working with homeless men in Philadelphia

emerges from students' particular interests in dance-based projects. Students must present solid proposals for projects including motive, work model, and proposed outcomes. These projects have ranged from internships with regional companies, to deepening awareness of movement therapy practices, to working with urban social service agencies in creative or performance projects


provide exposure to and experience in any number of dance related practices. The Arts Program sponsors a summer internship and other summer or semester arts oriented internships are funded by grants through LILAC (The Leadership, Innovation, and Liberal Arts Center).




HPI image

is an intensive Philadelphia semester in hybrid performance founded and taught by working artists, including artistic directors of Headlong Dance Theater and Pig Iron Theater Company.

HPI students train, create, perform, and see work (including a full schedule of performances in the Live Arts/Philly Fringe Festival) in the heart of Philadelphia's vibrant and internationally-known performance scene. Students also benefit from professional mentoring through their "Life of the Artist" series and earn a full semester of undergraduate credit through Bryn Mawr College. Click on the image to get to HPI's webpage. ("Links" on HPI webpage will bring you back to Bryn Mawr College. Add the word dance to the URL to get back to the Dance home page.)



As with many semester abroad programs, students may apply to study in established programs currently associated with other undergraduate institutions. Most recently our students have enrolled in semester long studies at LABAN in London and at DanceJerusalem, a program initiated by the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Rothberg International School (RIS). Students have also studied in Italy, Paris, Hawai'i, and New York City as part of their semester abroad program. We are currently considering association with programs in South Africa and Germany as well. Our consortial partner, Swarthmore College, offers excellent programs in Poland and Ghana. If students elect to pursue other academic studies abroad, we work with them to find ways to continue their dance studies as well.

LABANJerusalem Academy of music and dance

 LABAN in London                             Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance