The Dance Major and Minor

If you are interested in finding out more about the minor and major, please contact the Program Director or Associate Director to make an appointment.


Six units of coursework are required:

--ARTD B140/Approaches to Dance: Themes and Perspectives

--ARTD 142/ Dance Composition: Process and Presence
--ARTD 144/ Dance Composition:Elements and Craft

--One credit of technique or ensemble (two semester-long courses at .5 per semester), which may be distributed among the following: ARTD B136, 137, 138, 139, 230, 231, 232, 330, 331, or 345, 346, 347, 348, 349, 350.

--three elective courses, selected from within the Dance Program. One elective, with the advisor’s approval, may be selected from other allied tri-college departments or programs. Students must consult with the dance faculty regarding their course of study.

--Dance Card: Students must demonstrate attendance at five dance-related events during the course of the minor, two of which must be Dance Program sponsored events and one of which must be off campus.  Approved events can include Dance master classes, performances, lectures, symposia, etc.


After consulting with the Dance Program, well-qualified students may submit an application to major in Dance through the Independent Major Program. Students should be able to demonstrate competence at the intermediate level of a core technique prior to application. The major consists of eleven courses drawn primarily from our Dance curriculum. In addition to the required courses, students select four elective credits in Dance that can include up to two approved electives selected from other allied tri-college departments or programs. Students may utilize elective credits to provide an even distribution in the three areas of Dance Studies or may elect to study one aspect of dance in more depth.

In brief, the major consists of 1) eleven (11) courses (drawn from dance courses and approved courses relevant to the major). The program design must reflect a coherent and structured plan of study moving progressively towards advanced work and engagement. All majors must complete the three courses required by the Minor and work with their faculty advisor to select their remaining courses.
2) a capstone experience: these could include, among other possibilities, a significant choreographic project, research culminating in a significant essay, or field work culminating in a project or documented in a report.
3) Upon approval of the major, all majors must take a technique course each semester and attend on-campus performances and events sponsored by the Program.

Major requirements:
--Two lecture/seminar courses: ARTD B 140: Approaches to Dance: Themes and Perspectives, plus one additional Dance Program lecture/seminar course, (e.g. ARTD B240, ARTD B249, etc.)

--Four Technique courses (minimum): Students are expected to take at least one dance technique course per semester.  After declaring the major, they are required to enroll in one semester-long dance technique course (.5 credit per course) every semester that they are in residence at Bryn Mawr. Depending upon prior training and to ensure a broader experience, students will be required to take two of these technique courses in techniques specified by their advisor.

--Performance courses: While not a requirement, majors are expected to perform, participating in advanced student works or auditioning for performance ensembles each year.

--Two Composition and Choreography courses: 
--ARTD 142/ Dance Composition: Process and Presence
--ARTD 144/ Dance Composition:Elements and Craft

--Senior Capstone (1 credit): The senior capstone should reflect the student’s interest and trajectory in dance. Typically this has included a substantial choreographic work with production responsibilities; a research or theoretical paper of substantial length; or field research with a writing component. Other options are possible and can be discussed with the faculty advisor.--

--Dance Card: Students will have to demonstrate attendance at four dance-related events each year, one of which must be a Dance Program sponsored event and one of which must be off campus. Approved events can include Dance master classes, performances, lectures, symposia, etc.

--Writing Requirement:  Majors must take two Writing Attentive courses selected from Dance Program Courses. One of these may, with permission, be a writing attentive course or its equivalent taken in an allied program, e.g. Theater or at Swarthmore. If a student is not judged to be writing at an acceptable level of basic competency, s/he will enroll for a .5 supervised work in writing with Dance as a focus.

Students wishing to MINOR or MAJOR in Dance should complete Dance Composition I by Spring of their second year.

Approaches to Dance, ARTD 140, is offered in alternating years. If you are planning to do a semester abroad in your junior year, you should take this course in a timely manner as it is prerequisite for both the minor and the major.

Past Majors have included a strong focus on choreography and performance, although students can elect to move towards other research projects. Students have elected to do the major on its own with a minor in another area of interest, but several students have also completed double majors including: Dance/Anthropology, Dance/Psychology, Dance/Philosophy, Dance/English, Dance/Comparative Literature, and Dance/Mathematics.

Pictured are a few of our majors and minors.

Adaobi KanuKate PatchettCaitlin romascoLuciana fortes

     Adaobi Kanu     Kate Patchett         Caitlin Romasco     Luciana Fortes

 Moore, Rothstein, Iles    Alison D'AmatoGillian Nicoletti
    Ziggy Moore(HC), Aliza Rothstein,        Alison D'Amato(HC)       Gillian Nicoletti
    Caitlin Iles  

      Natalie Bishar       Alex Kirsch    Emily H                              
            Natalie Bishar                           Alex Kirsch                     Emily Harney




Rachel siegel

Rachel Siegel (our first major in '94, HC)

Marina Kec
Marina Kec

Courtney Lewis
Courtney Lewis (HC)

Marcelina Chavira
Marcelina Chavira

Jessica Honig
Jessica Honig

laura vriend
Laura Vriend

Waldean Nelson
Waldean Nelson (HC)

Ellen Gaintner
Ellen Gaintner



Antonia Z. Brown (HC)

Sarah Jordan
Sarah Jordan

miranda liuMiranda Liu

AmancayAmancay Candal Tribe (HC)

Chris flores

Chris Flores (HC)