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Preparing for the First Week of Classes - Spring 2014


 How can I find out whether I got into my courses?

Just go to your Student Center in  BiONiC and look at “My Class Schedule.”  Each class you preregistered for will be there, as either enrolled, waitlisted, or dropped.  Lottery results are also on the Bryn Mawr and Haverford registrar’s sites. 


I was lotteried out of a course.  What should I do now?

Use some time before classes start to identify good alternative classes.   If you browse via BiONiC, you should be able to identify which classes are open and which are closed through the icon (green circle equals open, blue square equals closed).  Open means at least one seat is available; it does not mean that you are guaranteed that seat.  Remember that there are many wonderful classes that have no enrollment limit at all! 


I’m waitlisted for a course.  How will that work?

If you still hope to get a space in the class, attend the first day and listen to the professor.  When a space opens in a class for which you are waitlisted, the professor will let you know and give you a permission number.  See below.


When will I be able to change my registration on–line?

Registration for academic courses (what BiONiC calls your “valid enrollment appointment”) reopens January 21 at 8am. Remember that registering for an academic course does not guarantee you a space in the course.  Only attending the course the first day and having the professor verify that there is room in the class will do so.

You may well decide that you do not want to take one of the courses you are registered for or waitlisted for.  Please drop yourself on BiONiC as soon as you know this is the case.  This will help students seeking admission to the class.


What happens on Monday, January 20 (Martin Luther King Day)?

No classes will take place at Bryn Mawr, Haverford or Penn.  Most college offices, including the Dean’s Office, will be closed.  The Office of Civic Engagement will sponsor a variety of community events and service opportunities (  Please note that classes WILL be held at Swarthmore College.

Bryn Mawr courses that normally meet once a week on Mondays will hold their first meetings on Monday, January 27.

At Haverford, Monday afternoon once a week classes will meet on Thursday night from 7:30 to 10:00 p.m. in their regularly scheduled rooms; Monday Evening classes will meet on Wednesday night from 7:30-10:00 in their regularly scheduled rooms.


What should I do during the “shopping period” (Tuesday, January 21 through Monday January 27)? 

Make sure to attend all courses you are considering, whether enrolled in, waitlisted for, or attempting to add at this point.   If you do not attend the first day of a class, you will lose the seat you gained through preregistration!  If you did not preregister for the course in the fall, you may need to be entered into a lottery at this point. Your resulting enrollment status could be communicated to you in a variety of ways including BiONiC and emails from professors.

Throughout the week, continue to update your on-line registration as soon as you know that you need to make a change.  

Please remember that throughout the first week of classes, being able to add a class in BiONiC does not guarantee you a space.  Only receiving verification from the professor guarantees that space.


What if my professor gives me permission to join a course that’s listed as “closed”?

Ask your professor for a permission number.  When you enter this number into the “permission number” field on the course registration page in BiONiC, the computer will allow you to register for the course. 


What about PE?

PE registration begins Tuesday January 21 at 8 am and is first come first served.  Classes begin Monday January 27.  You must attend the first class to keep your space.


When is Confirmation of Registration?

Confirmation of registration for all students is Tuesday and Wednesday January 28 and 29 in Guild.  You’ll get more information soon!


Where can I get more information, help, or advising? 

The Registrar’s website has lots of information, including step-by-step BiONiC instructions for enrolling in courses, using permission numbers, registering for courses at Swarthmore, etc..  If you still can’t figure something out, come to the Registrar’s Office in the lower level of Guild: they’ll have you log onto their computer and will provide immediate and expert assistance.  Or call the registrar’s office at  610-526-5140.

If you need any help choosing classes in your major or related to your major, consult your major adviser.

 Call 610-526-5375 to find out about walk-in hours with your dean or the Dean’s Office program coordinator or to set up a brief (15 minute) meeting with your dean.


What do I do if I really and truly can’t attend the first class or otherwise have to miss a class during the first week?

If you have a travel emergency that delays your return to campus or a health or other emergency that prevents your attending one or more classes before Confirmation of Registration, you must email the professors for the classes you are interested in.  Explain the reason you cannot attend and ask that he or she hold a space for you.  It is a good idea to cc your dean.  Inevitably this works best if you are asking to keep a seat that you have already gained through preregistration or asking to join a class that has no enrollment limit.  In other circumstances, consult your dean as far in advance as possible. 

Please note that you cannot expect to use this method to save a seat in a course while “shopping” another course that meets at the same or an overlapping time!