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Re-enrollment Application

If you have left the College for any of the following reasons, you will need to apply for re-enrollment:

  • You withdrew or took a leave of absence for medical or psychological reasons;
  • You took a personal leave that has extended beyond two semesters;
  • You chose to or were required to withdraw for any other reason, including having transferred to another institution.

Please keep the following information in mind as you assemble your re-enrollment materials.


  • If you are hoping to return for the fall semester, we will need to receive your re-enrollment application in the Dean’s Office by May 20
  • If you are hoping to return for the spring semester, we will need to receive your materials by November 1

*** See below for Re-enrollment Application***

Where to Send your Application

Applications can be sent to  They can also be mailed to Office of the Dean, The Undergraduate College, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010-2899.

Arrival Information

Please note that if students are readmitted, they are required to arrive on campus on the Sunday before classes start so that they will be able to meet with their deans and attend the reorientation on the Monday before classes start.  Students who are unable to arrive on campus the Sunday before classes begin will not be readmitted. 

International Students: Please contact Patti Lausch, Director of International Student and Scholar Services and Advising, to discuss immigration matters upon submitting this application.

Financial Aid

If you had financial aid when you attended Bryn Mawr before and wish to reapply for aid, you will need to submit the completed financial aid materials by the deadlines stated above.

If you have questions about your financial situation, please contact Student Financial Services at

Financial Holds

The College cannot readmit those students whose balances have not been paid.  If you have an outstanding bill, we will expect you to have cleared that balance by the deadline you choose when submitting your application.


If you attended school elsewhere during the time you have been away from the College, you will need to send us a transcript.  As official transcripts can take a long time to arrive, an emailed unofficial transcript is acceptable for the purposes of the Re-enrollment Committee.  If you are currently taking classes and your transcript will not be available until after the re-enrollment deadline, we will review your application, but we will not be able to make a decision until we can review your unofficial transcript.  Please note that the registrar requires an official transcript in order to award transfer credit.

Supporting Letters from Health Care Providers

If you have been on a medical or psychological leave, your health care provider will need to submit a statement on official letterhead which provides sufficient detail about the course of your treatment and attests that you are ready to resume full-time studies at Bryn Mawr.  The letter should be sent to one of the following staff members at the Health Center:

  • Kay Kerr, Medical Director
  • Reggie Jones, Director of Counseling
  • Eileen Bazelon, Consulting Psychiatrist

Please give your health care provider permission to release information about you to the appropriate staff member.  The letter should include the phone number of your health care provider, as one of our staff members may choose to follow up the letter with a phone call.  She may also want to speak directly with you.  If your health care provider wishes to speak to the staff members listed above, they may be reached at 610-526-7360 during the academic year.  Please note that the fax number for the Health Center is 610 526-7365.  The Health Center is closed after graduation, so any late letters from health care providers should be faxed to the Dean’s Office at 610 526-7560. 

The Committee’s Timeline

The Re-enrollment Committee meets in late-May or early June and in mid-November to make decisions about the applications.  Shortly thereafter, you will receive a letter and/or email informing you of the committee’s decision. 

Housing Information

Bryn Mawr is a residential living and learning community; most students are expected to live on campus for all four years. The College may limit the number of residential undergraduate students who are permitted to live off campus, with priority generally determined by class year.

The Re-enrollment Application

The heart of the application is a set of questions that asks you to reflect on your reasons for leaving Bryn Mawr, what you have done since you left, and why you feel ready to return.  Students generally write two to four pages in response to these questions.  Thoughtful answers are invaluable to the Re-enrollment Committee, and we hope that the process of responding to these questions will be helpful to you.

Re-enrollment Application (PDF)
Re-enrollment Application (Word)