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Majoring at Haverford College

Dean’s Office
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FROM: Philip A. Bean, Associate Dean and Dean of Academic Affairs
SUBJECT: Selecting a Major at Haverford College
DATE: March 1, 2012

Congratulations on reaching another academic milestone! Spring semester of sophomore year is the time when each of you must declare a major. I am therefore writing to convey the instructions regarding how to declare a major (as well as, if you like, a minor and/or concentration) by this year’s deadline, Friday, April 13, 2012:

 Please read the section of the Haverford College Catalog regarding the requirements of any Haverford major of interest to you (;

 Information about Haverford minors can be found under the listings for major programs in the Haverford College Catalog, and information on Haverford concentrations can be found at;

 Additional information regarding each program and how to declare a major, minor, and/or concentration at Haverford is available at the departmental and concentration “teas,” which are advising meetings the schedule for which can be found at It is important to attend these meetings because at them you will be told whom you should work with to fill out a major, minor, or concentration declaration and how advisors are assigned (both matters vary from department to department). However, if you must miss a tea, please contact the appropriate department and/or concentration chair(s) to ask for instructions;

 After consulting the pertinent information in the Haverford College Catalog and attending the departmental or concentration “teas,” please make an appointment to meet at a mutually convenient time prior to April 13 with the appropriate Haverford department or program advisor (again, such faculty members will be identified at the teas). Please bring with you a copy of your transcript and a copy of the “Declaration of Major Form,” which you can use to declare minors and concentrations, as well as majors. The form is located in the “for students” section of the Haverford College Registrar’s site;

 Please take the Declaration of Major Form and your transcript with you when you meet with the appropriate Haverford major, minor, and/or concentration advisor. In consultation with the advisor, you fill out the form, and the advisor will sign the form when you have completed it;

 Submit the completed form to the Bryn Mawr Registrar’s Office, even if you are majoring at Haverford, NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 2012.

Please note that extensions will not be granted without prior permission of your dean.
If you wish to double major or to split a double major between Haverford and Bryn Mawr, you should first consult with your Bryn Mawr dean. Please follow Bryn Mawr’s rules for Double Majoring.

If you receive permission to double major between Haverford and Bryn Mawr, you must complete Haverford’s procedure for the Haverford major and Bryn Mawr’s procedure for the Bryn Mawr major. (Please refer to the separate memorandum issued by the Bryn Mawr’s Dean’s Office, explaining Procedures for Cross-Majoring at Bryn Mawr.)
Please bear in mind:

a) At the time of a choice of a major in the sophomore year, the major advisor and the student may jointly authorize the changing of an NNG (or, in the case of Bryn Mawr, a Credit/No Credit) to the numerical grade in courses which become a part of the major program.

b) Bryn Mawr students majoring at Haverford will be advised by their Haverford major department advisor only on matters pertaining to their major program. On all other matters (e.g., questions regarding general distributional requirements), they will be advised by their Bryn Mawr dean.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Bryn Mawr dean.