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End of the Semester and Exams



  • The last day of classes is the deadline for all written work
  • A brief review period follows the last day of classes.
  • The Examination Period begins after the review period, and lasts until the end of the semester.

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Types of Exams

  • Scheduled exams take place during the first four weekdays of the examination period.  They are exams set at a specific time and place by the professor.
  • Self-scheduled exams are administered through the Registrar’s Office, with the assistance of the Student Curriculum Committee and the Honor Board.  Students collect their exams from Guild during any of the self-scheduled exam time slots, take the exam in a designated exam room, and return the exam at the end of the time period.  A more detailed description of the self-scheduled exam process and rules can be found on the Registrar’s website.
  • Some professors choose to give take-home exams, and the rules and guidelines for these exams differ enormously.  If you have a take-home exam in a given course, make sure you know and understand what is expected.
  • Finally some classes have no final exams at all. They may have a paper or other project "in lieu of exam," or they may have no assignments at all after the end of classes.

 A complete exam schedule for all courses with scheduled or self-scheduled exams is posted on the Registrar’s website prior to the beginning of the examination period. 

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Time Management during Exams

Most Bryn Mawr students highly value the flexibility conferred by self-scheduled exams. However, self-scheduled exams pose certain temptations. Be wary of taking all your exams too soon and not studying sufficiently, or putting them off for too long and running out of time to complete them.

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