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Enrollment Limits and Lotteries

Many Bryn Mawr students chose Bryn Mawr in part because of its relatively small class size and emphasis on discussion and active learning.  Setting limits on class size means setting limits on class enrollment, and this sometime requires course lotteries after preregistration has closed.  Information about enrollment limits and the criteria for course lotteries is listed in the TriCo Course Guide descriptions of individual classes. Please keep the following in mind:

  • Many courses with enrollment limits are able to accommodate all the students who preregister.  In other words, the mere fact of a limit does not mean that there will be a lottery.
  • Similarly, don’t assume that all courses with unlimited enrollment are large.  They aren’t.
  • Finally, remember that large classes themselves can provide wonderful learning opportunities.  Many Bryn Mawr professors are dynamic lecturers who enjoy performing before an audience.  And even the largest Bryn Mawr classes are still small enough that you will have the chance to ask questions and get to know the professor. 

For those limited enrollment classes that do require them, lotteries are conducted at some point between the end of preregistration and the beginning of the subsequent semester. 

 Haverford's lottery procedures may differ slightly from Bryn Mawr's; see the Haverford registrar's website for details.  In almost all cases, Bryn Mawr and Haverford students have equal access to courses on the other campus.  However, Bryn Mawr students are not given priority at Swarthmore and Penn and are not included in lotteries.  If a course at Swarthmore or Penn goes to lottery, it is closed to Bryn Mawr students.