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Guidelines for Submitting Papers

In response to increasing faculty concerns regarding papers and other assignments that get lost between student submission and faculty receipt – with a few serious cases going to the Honor Board – the Curriculum Committee collaborated with students, faculty, and staff to create a set of guidelines for the safe submission of papers.   

  • Use Bryn Mawr email accounts.  When submitting papers electronically, students are advised to send them via their Bryn Mawr email accounts. This way the professor is most likely to recognize the submission, and the computer system is least likely to consider it “spam.” 
  • Verify attachments.  Students are urged to send papers as .pdf files if possible. Students are also encouraged to “cc” themselves and check to make sure that the paper was actually attached to the email.
  • Keep several electronic copies.  Students are advised to take responsibility for keeping copies of all of their work, saving virtual copies of the final version of every paper in at least two places (e.g. hard drive, network home directory, USB flash drive, CD-ROM, and/or email).  For more information, please consult Information Services’ guide to protecting your data (
  • Follow faculty instructions about how and where papers should be submitted. 
      • If faculty accept papers by email, you may ask them to confirm receipt of the paper.
  • If you are turning in hard copy, it is generally not a good idea to leave it in a drop box or slide it under an office door.  Instead, turn it in during class, to your professor during office hours, or to the faculty secretary in the departmental office.
  • Late papers.  Faculty and students should take special care to specify how papers will be submitted if a student asks for an extension.