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Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring aims to help students focus on the process of learning. Rather than helping students to master specific course material, peer mentors help their fellow students identify and implement techniques for more effective learning. After a comprehensive training program, a Bryn Mawr peer mentor assists her mentee to learn skills appropriate to the mentee's needs. These skills may include one or more of the following.: analyzing the real course objective; reading the course materials, including the syllabus as well as texts; taking lecture notes; developing study routines which effectively use both the mentee's time and learning style; seeking help from the instructor and/or teaching assistant; working with a study group.

Peer Mentoring Services (PMS) sponsors a variety of workshops and other outreach programs throughout the semester.  Please check out the Peer Mentoring Services website to find or request a peer mentor, for resources, events and hours, for more information on Peer Mentoring or to sign-up to become a mentor.