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Peer Tutoring


Welcome!  Peer tutoring is provided by undergraduate student tutors at no expense to undergraduate students currently enrolled in the course in which they are requesting tutoring.  It is a great additional resource for students who have met with professors and utilized course resources.  Please read below for further information!

The Peer Tutoring Program supports the following subjects:


Elementary & Intermediate


Elementary & Intermediate


110 - 113


Elementary & Intermediate


103, 104


Elementary & Intermediate


1st and 2nd Year


101, 102, 104

Computer Science



101, 102, 121, 122




105, 205


Elementary & Intermediate


Elementary & Intermediate


Elementary & Intermediate


Elementary & Intermediate

***Tutoring is not available for subjects not listed.  If you would like to request a Japanese tutor, please visit Haverford Peer Tutoring *** 



•  You should meet with your professor and take advantage of the resources offered by your class, such as PLI sessions or drill sessions.  There is no substitute for attending class regularly and talking directly with your professor if you need help!

•  If you are having trouble taking notes and preparing for exams, you should consult with a Peer Mentor rather than a tutor.  There should be a Peer Mentor in every dorm.
Peer Mentors have their own website:

• You should also feel free to meet with your Dean, the Academic Support and Learning Resources Specialist and/or Counseling Services particularly if other factors are impinging on your academic progress.



•  Tutors will help you to identify certain challenges you may have and will help you approach the material more effectively. However, they can not help you complete assignments.

•  Coming prepared with questions and ideas you would like to discuss will help to guide the session, making it more effective.

•  Please come to the tutoring session on time.  If you are over 15 minutes late to your tutoring appointment, your tutor will consider the session cancelled.

• Tutoring should not exceed more than 3 hours per week per subject.

•  If you need to cancel a tutoring session, you should tell your tutor no less than 2 hours in advance.  If continuous cancellations or no shows occur, your tutor may decide to discontinue tutoring with you and you will be asked to meet with the Tutor Supervisor.



*** If you would like to request a writing tutor, please visit the Writing Center***

•  Before requesting a tutor, please consult with your professor and class resources.  Peer tutoring is most helpful to those students who have already utilized course resources.

•  Fill out a Tutor Request Form online.  A new request form must be completed each semester and for each subject. 

•  You will hear from a tutor within a week of the request via email according to the contact information listed on your Tutor Request form. 

•  If there are no tutors available for the subject you request, the Head Tutor will contact you to let you know. In such cases, you should feel free to contact your professor about your need for extra help. You may also wish to talk with your Dean.

•  If you would like to request a different tutor, please contact the Head Tutor.

*** If you would like to provide feedback to the program, please complete a Tutee Survey***



Tutor Supervisory Committee

Head Tutors:

Miriam Doepner - Arabic, French, Italian &Spanish

Rachael Abraham - Chinese, Economics, German, Greek, Latin, Psychology, Psychology Statistics & Russian
Amanda Cline - Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics & Physics

Program Administrators:
Rachael Abraham - Administrative Chair
Rachel Heiser-Director of the Peer Tutoring Program
Anne Marie McElwee - Administrative Assistant to the Dean's Office

Essential Information for Tutors:
If  you are interested in becoming a peer tutor, please contact the head tutor for the subject you are interested in tutoring.