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Essential Information for Tutors

Tutoring Administration / Head Tutors / Time Sheet Information / Payroll / Questions

As a tutor, you are responsible for knowing and adhering to the information listed below and stated on your signed Peer Tutor Contract.

•  The Head Tutor will assign you a tutee based on the information that you turned in when you signed up to be a tutor. She will email you. It is your responsibility to respond promptly to the Head Tutor to let her know whether you can take on a particular tutee. Once you have agreed to tutor someone, this will be noted on the Head Tutor's assignment log. Please make sure that the Head Tutor has your up-to-date contact information.

•  Your email inbox should be checked every day, as this is how tutoring requests will be submitted to you. At a minimum, you should check your email for requests on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

•  A tutee should expect to hear about her tutor request within one week of submitting her tutor request form. If you are unable to take on a tutee, you should contact your Head Tutor as soon as possible.

•  If a tutee does not respond to your efforts to contact her, let your Head Tutor know as soon as possible.

•  You should keep the Honor Code in mind when working with your tutees. You should not correct assignments. Rather, you should help your tutees with general concepts and provide them with strategies for doing better work. You are there to support them, not to "fix" their homework. If for any reason you feel uneasy about what is expected of you as a tutor, please do not hesitate to contact your Head Tutor and Rachel Heiser, Academic Support & Learning Resources Specialist.

•  If a tutee needs to cancel her appointment with you, she should inform you of the cancellation a minimum of 2 hours before the appointment. You are paid for 15 minutes of the appointment time if a tutee cancels less than 2 hours before the appointment.
   If a tutee makes a habit of canceling at the last minute, you have the right to discontinue tutoring her. Please notify your Head Tutor if you are no longer able or willing to tutor a tutee.

• If a tutee is more than 15 minutes late, you are not expected to continue waiting. You are paid for the 15 minutes you waited.
           * You will not be paid for waiting longer than 15 minutes.

•  When you are filling out your time sheet, you may include prep time up to half the length of the appointment.

•  Take some time to become familiar with the Tutoring website and refer others to it as well:

Tutor Supervisory Committee

Head Tutors:

Alicia Ramirez - Arabic, French, Italian &Spanish

Tahlisa Brougham - Chinese, Economics, German, Greek, Latin, Psychology, Psychology Statistics & Russian
Carolyne Face - Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics & Physics

Program Administrators:
Xinyuan Dong - Administrative Chair
Alicia Ramirez - Departmental Liaison Chair
Rachel Heiser-Director of the Peer Tutoring Program
Anne Marie McElwee - Administrative Assistant to the Dean's Office

Time Sheet  Information

Please remember to include all of the below information on your timesheet and drop off one copy of your timesheet to the box outside of Rachel's office by noon on each biweekly Tuesday.
Pay period ending date:
Rate of pay for tutors:
Department name: Undergraduate Dean's Office
16 digit Account #: 1-51200-00290-99999
Your name & ID:
Supervisors’ Printed Name: Rachel Heiser
Date of pay period ending for both Supervisor and yourself
Your printed name and signature.

 *** No timesheet will be approved without the supervisor's signature.  Students are only permitted to work 17.5 hours for all campus jobs.***



•  All new hires, with the exception of Dining Services workers, must report to the Student Employment Office during business hours or by appointment before being placed on the payroll. You will be asked to complete several forms and provide documentation to satisfy IRS and INS requirements, including:

  • I-9 form, providing both your identity and right to work in the United States . Examples of acceptable documentation include: Driver's license/passport AND your original social security card.
  • W-4 tax withholding form

•  New employees are required to enroll in direct deposit. You may use virtually any US bank or credit union and have the option of splitting your pay between two different accounts on a percentage or flat amount basis.

•  I only see one rate of pay on my check. How will I know that I am being paid for my multiple campus jobs accurately? Keep a log of your hours and compare that to the hours on your pay stub. If you are in doubt, contact the Student Employment Office,



  ** If you still have questions about anything, please contact your Head Tutor, Anne Marie McElwee, or Rachel Heiser. **