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Undergraduate Dean's Office
Eugenia Chase Guild Hall
Lower Level
101 N. Merion Ave.
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
Phone: (610)526-5375
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Office Hours
9am - 5pm
Monday - Friday

Essential Information for Tutors


Guidelines: Please know and adhere to the information listed below and stated on your signed Peer Tutor Contract.

Communication: Your Head Tutor will email you to assign you a tutee based on your availability.  Please respond promptly to the Head Tutor to let them know whether or not you can take on a particular tutee.  Please check your email every day, as this is how tutoring requests will be submitted to you.  If a tutee does not respond to your efforts to contact her, let your Head Tutor know as soon as possible.

Honor Code: You should keep the Honor Code in mind when working with your tutees and help them with general concepts and strategies for doing better work. You are there to support them, not to "fix" their homework. If for any reason you feel uneasy about what is expected of you as a tutor, please do not hesitate to contact your Head Tutor.

Cancellations and No-shows: If a tutee needs to cancel her appointment with you, she should inform you of the cancellation a minimum of 2 hours before the appointment.  If a tutee makes a habit of canceling at the last minute or no-showing, please notify your Head Tutor.

Take some time to become familiar with the Tutoring website and Moodle: 


Tutor Supervisory Committee

Head Tutors:

Priyanka Dutta - Arabic, French, Italian &Spanish

Rachael Abraham - Chinese, Economics, German, Greek, Latin, Psychology, Psychology Statistics & Russian
Steffany Chou - Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics & Physics

Program Administrators:
Sage Farha- Administrative Chair
Rachel Heiser-Director of the Peer Tutoring Program
Anne Marie McElwee - Administrative Assistant to the Dean's Office


** If you have questions about anything, please contact your Head Tutor, Anne Marie McElwee, or Rachel Heiser. **