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Four Plus One Partnership with Penn's School of Engineering and Applied Science


The College's new Four Plus One Partnership with the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science allows a student to begin work on a Master's degree in Engineering while still enrolled as an undergraduate at Bryn Mawr. Students may apply to the program as early as their fourth semester or as late as their sixth semester. Applicants are required to major in math or a relevant science and to have both a major and a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. Applicants are also encouraged to submit GRE scores. Successful applicants are permitted to take up to three graduate courses at Penn while undergraduates through the Quaker Consortium. These courses count towards a student's undergraduate degree and at the discretion of her major department might also count towards her major. Successful applicants are eligible to participate in Penn's summer undergraduate research program.

Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, students in the Four Plus One Partnership then matriculate at the University of Pennsylvania and complete the Master's Degree. Students who had already completed three graduate courses would be able to complete the degree (seven remaining courses) in one year.

Each department in the sciences has appointed a faculty liaison:

  • Michelle Francl (deputy advisers: Bill Malachowski and Krynn Lukacs), Chemistry
  • Mark Matlin, Physics
  • Jennifer Skirkanich, Biology
  • Arlo Weil, Geology
  • Leslie Cheng, Math
  • David Cooper, Computer Science

Students interested in this program should consult the relevant liaison. It may be advisable for such students to enroll in one or more introductory engineering courses at Penn during their sophomore year to learn more about engineering and better prepare for graduate level courses.

Course Registration Info: If a student is thinking about applying or has applied but has not yet been accepted into the program at Penn Engineering, then the student should go through the Quaker Consortium to register.  However, once the student has been accepted then she must register through the school & department where they have submatriculated.

More information about the 4+1 program and an application are available here.

Please also consult the Penn Engineering Master's Programs Overview.