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For Faculty: Adding and Dropping Courses


During the add / drop period (which lasts through Confirmation of Registration, which ends on the Wednesday of the second week of classes) deans will be helping students settle into classes.  A dean might contact you to help a student join one of your classes.  If your course is under-enrolled, please notify so we can steer students your way.  Similarly, please follow all instructions from the registrar's office regarding enrollment issues.

Through the end of the third week of classes, students can drop a fifth class.  If a student stops attending and you don’t receive official notice of her dropping the course, please contact her dean within a week of her disappearance.  

For quarter-long courses, the add and drop periods are abbreviated.  The add deadline for a quarter-long course is officially Friday of the first week of the quarter; the drop deadline for a quarter-long courses is officially Wednesday of the second week of the quarter. 

Exceptions to these DROP deadlines are rare and made only with the joint permission of the instructor and the student’s dean.  For example, if you become concerned that a student is either under- or over-placed in your course, please talk with her and with her dean.  If it’s early enough in the semester, she might be able to drop your course and add another instead.  Later in the semester, she might be a candidate for withdrawing from your course.  If a student consults you about adding your course after Confirmation or dropping your course after the end of the third week of classes, make sure that she consults her dean.  No withdrawal becomes official without a form indicating the approval of both the faculty member and dean.  While you may have no reason to object to her proposal as it relates specifically to your course, there may be issues in her general academic program or personal situation of which you are unaware.