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Major Advising for Faculty

** Faculty Guide to Major Work Plan **

List of Current Major Advisors

Helping Students Choose a Major
Sponsoring an Independent Major

Helping Students Choose a Major

To help students choose a major,

    • the Dean’s Office arranges conversations with sophomores to talk about the issues to keep in mind when choosing a major, and
    • the faculty hold major teas during October and March to meet with prospective majors.

Students choose and declare their major as part of the Sophomore Planning Process.  The Sophomore Planning Process opens in mid-September and closes in early April. Major advisers might expect to see prospective majors throughout this period.  Early December and early February have study abroad deadlines, so faculty may expect to see more students during these times.

Sponsoring an Independent Major

Faculty who agree to sponsor an independent major should advise students and submit letters of support

  • by the first Friday of the spring semester (for students who want to study abroad), or
  • by the fourth Friday of the spring semester (for students who plan to remain at Bryn Mawr for the junior year).

Once the major has been declared, major advisers should expect to see their advisees in person and approve registration at the following times:

  • during November preregistration for the spring semester, and
  • during April preregistration for the fall semester, and
  • during the first week of each semester if the advisee has dropped or added any courses in their major or the advisee was away from the college during preregistration.