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In your role as a course instructor or academic adviser at Bryn Mawr, there is a small possibility that a student’s parents or guardian may contact you directly with concerns about their daughter’s grades, choice of major or preparation for graduate school. Please direct all third party inquiries about an individual student’s academic progress to her academic dean. Your primary relationship is with the student, not her family, and by referring questions and concerns to the dean’s office you are not only protecting your students’ privacy but also preserving the trust in your relationship with them.

All faculty and staff at Bryn Mawr are required to maintain the confidentiality of any student academic records in their possession (including course schedules and grades) by FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). FERPA guidelines allow for the exchange of information among college faculty and staff so that we may do our jobs but do not permit the release of a student’s information to individuals outside the college without her written permission.

The registrar and deans are always available to answer any questions about FERPA or provide advice when you receive requests for information about a student.