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Dates for Religious Observances

While Bryn Mawr does not cancel classes for any religious holidays, it does respect the right of its students to observe holidays that are important to them. Absences around a religious holiday should be excused. Anything you can do to help a student make up work she misses because of such absences would be appreciated.  It makes life simpler for both faculty and students if tests and assignments are not scheduled on or very near holidays that you know many students will want to observe. The following is a list of some, but not all, holidays that students might be observing.   Please call or email with any questions.

Holiday Dates
Ramadan: June 29 - July 28
Rosh Hashanah: Sundown September 24 - Sundown September 26
Yom Kippur: Sundown October 3 - Sundown October 4
Sukkot: Sundown October 8 - Sundown October 15
Sh’mini Atzeret: Sundown October 15 - Sundown October 16
Simhat   Torah: Sundown October  16 - Sundown October 17
Diwali: October 23 – October 27
Chinese New Year/Spring Festival: February 19  
Passover: Sundown April 3 - Sundown April 11
Good Friday: April 3
Easter: April 5