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Personal Leaves of Absence

Every student in good academic standing may apply for a one- or two-semester leave of absence from the college.  She should discuss her plans with her dean and fill out appropriate forms by June 1 or, for a leave beginning in the spring, November 1.  During her leave of absence, she is welcome to visit campus to meet with faculty or staff, or to visit as a guest of an enrolled student, and is reminded to abide by the guest policy []. 

She is also encouraged to remain in touch with her dean and is expected to confirm her intention to return to the college by March 1 (for return in the fall) or November 1 (for return in the spring).

A student on a semester-long leave of absence who chooses not to return at the scheduled time may ask to extend her leave by one additional semester by notifying her dean by the above deadlines.  If a student on a leave of absence chooses not to return to the college after two semesters, her status changes to "withdrawn" and she will need to apply for permission to return. See here for more information about applying for re-enrollment. 

For policies regarding medical leave, click here