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College-Wide Degree Requirements



Requirements for Graduation

In order to earn the A.B. degree, every student is required to complete:

  • Thirty-two units of credit.
  • College-wide distribution requirements
  • A major.  
  • Twenty-four of the credits completed in residence.

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Distribution Requirements by Class Year:

Each student must meet the distribution requirements that were in place when they matriculated at the College.  For each class year, they are:

For students who entered  Fall 2014, with expected graduation of 2018

For students who entered Fall 2013, with expected graduation of 2017

For students who entered Fall 2012, with expected graduation of 2016

For students who entered Fall 2011, with expected graduation of 2015

Transfers and McBrides are bound by the requirements in place when they matriculated, regardless of their graduation date.

The official requirements and the relevant rules may also be found in the Catalog from the student's first year at Bryn Mawr. The 2012-13 Catalog includes information both for students who matriculated under the "old requirements" (prior to Fall 2011) and those under the "new requirements" (after Fall 2011). 

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Fulfilling Distribution Requirements:

Only courses in which a student has attained a grade of 2.0 or higher may be used to satisfy these requirements

Students are responsible for making sure they are fulfilling these requirements. 

There are a couple of tools to help with this: the Academic Requirements Report on BiONiC and the downloadable checklists provided above.  In using either of these resources, consult your dean if you have questions.

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Completing a Major

In order to monitor completion of their major, students should consult their online Major Work Plan that they developed with their major advisor in their sophomore year. This plan constitutes a checklist of major requirements. Students are also required to consult with their major advisors before preregistering for courses each semester.

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Residency Requirement

Each student is expected to complete six full-time semesters and earn a minimum of twenty-four academic units while in residence at Bryn Mawr.¬† “Residency” refers to being registered at Bryn Mawr for a given semester. These may include:

  • Courses taken at Haverford, Swarthmore, and Penn during the academic year.
  • Bryn Mawr summer courses taken at the College.
  • The senior year must be spent in residence. Seven of the last 16 units must be earned in residence.

The Residency requirement for McBride students and transfer students is established at the time of matriculation with a minimum of 16 credits to be earned in residency.

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All requests for exceptions to the above regulations are presented to the Special Cases Committee for approval. If students think a case can be made for an exception, they should consult their dean.

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