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Domestic Study Away

While the College encourages all eligible students to consider study abroad, study abroad is not appropriate for all students.  Some of those students might be well-served by a semester as a guest student at a US institution.  In recent years, we have had Geology majors study in Hawaii and New Mexico, History of Art majors study in New York City, and Political Science majors study in Washington, D.C.  Ordinarily, such study occurs in the junior year, but there is some flexibility.  Please note that Bryn Mawr grant aid can not be used to fund study at another institution in the US.  Students interested in this option should consult with their dean and major adviser.  Bryn Mawr also awards credit for SEA Semester and Williams Mystic Maritime Studies program.  For more information, contact Dean Michelle Mancini

For all domestic study away options, the College's usual transfer credit policies and procedures apply.

Students who will be pursuing domestic study away must request a personal leave of absence and will be charged a continuing enrollment fee