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Registering for Courses at Other Institutions

University of Pennsylvania

At Swarthmore

Students in good standing most courses offered at Swarthmore College on a space-available basis. This does not generally apply to Honors Seminars.  Students are encouraged to declare their intention to enroll in a Swarthmore course at pregistration. Actual registration at Swarthmore does not begin until after Swarthmore's preregistration ends.   You may also register at the beginning of each semester. 


Step-by-step instructions are available on the registrar's site.

At the University of Pennsylvania  

The registration process for Penn courses is somewhat similar to the process for Swarthmore courses. However, there are important limits on what Penn courses a student may take. Eligible courses must generally be liberal arts courses, offered by the College of Arts and Sciences or the College of Liberal and Professional Studies . They must be primarily intended for undergraduates. They cannot duplicate course offerings regularly available at Bryn Mawr or Haverford. No more than two Penn courses may be taken in any one semester. Be aware that Penn does not operate on the same academic calendar as Bryn Mawr. Students are responsible for knowing and abiding by all Penn deadlines. For more information and for the online form, click here.


Reimbursement for commuting-related expenses for Courses at Penn 

All students living on campus (at Bryn Mawr or at Haverford) are eligible for reimbursement towards travel expenses for classes taken at Penn. After the end of the third week of classes, Student Administrative Support will send all students enrolled in Penn courses a copy of the University of Pennsylvania Travel Grant Application . The student must complete and return the application to the Onestop desk in Guild.

Once the application is received, Student Administrative Support determines the amount of the travel grant based upon the number of required trips to Philadelphia and whether or not the student is a financial aid recipient. In compliance with University policy, students who are not financial aid recipients receive less. Awards reflect costs of travel on the Norristown High Speed Line (the 100), unless it is necessary to travel after 5:00pm during the Fall and Winter or after 6:00pm in the Spring.  If students travel during these later hours, eligible students will be reimbursed at the rate of the regional rail. 

Questions about UPenn travel awards should be referred to Student Administrative Support at  X5500 or


For information about  registering for courses at Villanova, see your dean.