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How to Propose a Double Major

Students interested in more than one field of study often consider double majoring. However, less than 20% of each class actually takes this route. For most double majors, junior and senior years are entirely devoted to courses in the two major subjects, many of them upper-level. If both majors require a year-long senior conference sequence and a substantial thesis, a double major may be especially daunting. A minor or a concentration may offer some of the same advantages as the double major, but with many fewer disadvantages.

Given these challenges, a student who would like to major in two subjects must obtain prior approval from both major advisers as well as her dean. Before you initiate the formal application process, you should meet with major advisers in each department to make sure you understand that department's major requirements, as well as its minor requirements. Discuss the possibility of double majoring. If the two majors are in related fields, find out what the department's policy is regarding double-counting courses towards both majors. The College ordinarily permits up to three such double-counted courses.

If, after meeting with both major advisers, you're still confident that you want to major in both subjects, you should begin the actual application process.

Class of 2015 : 

Please consult the Sophomore Planning Process.

Class of 2016:

Information available this fall on your Sophomore Planning Process.

Class of 2014:

Your process has three steps:

  • Write a brief (1-2 page) statement explaining your reasons for choosing a double major and your plans for completing it.  You should include a discussion of any special circumstances: i.e. JYA, summer courses or research, double counting of courses, and so forth.  You should also discuss any plans you have for graduate school or work after graduation.
  • Print out a Double Major Work Plan and meet again with each advisor to complete the form.  Return the completed, signed form to the Dean's Office along with your statement.  The Dean's Office will send copies of the completed Double Major Work Plan to you and to both advisors. 
  • Your Dean will ask each of your advisors for comments supporting your request or raising concerns about it.  If all three are in support, the double major will be approved.  If there is some concern about your plan, the dean will talk with both advisors, inform you of the concerns raised, and give you the opportunity to revise your plan accordingly.  If a double major is not approved, the possibility of a major-minor will be discussed as an alternative.  If you do well as a major-minor, you may re-apply for the double major. 

Note: If one of your proposed majors is at Haverford, you must follow both colleges' sets of procedures.