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Medical and Psychological Leaves of Absence


Click here for information about personal leave of absence. 

Sometimes, even while making use of the resources available to her, a student may need to take time away from Bryn Mawr so that she can devote more time and energy to dealing with medical or emotional issues. A medical or psychological leave of absence is designed to give a student the time she needs to address the problems that have been interfering with her ability to thrive at Bryn Mawr, whether academically or socially.

Medical and psychological leaves will sometimes begin in the course of the semester. Other times, a student will manage to complete the semester (or complete her work from home), but she will not be well enough to return. When a student needs to go on leave in the middle of the semester, her transcript will include the courses in which she had been enrolled but will list a “WD” in place of a final grade.  A “WD” does not affect a student’s GPA, and it is not viewed as a “bad grade.”  It indicates that the  student was involved in a serious situation that was out of her control.

To request a medical leave of absence, a student should meet with her dean, who will discuss the situation and expectations for what the student should accomplish during the leave.  The dean will also file a Notice of Departure for the student.  If a student is unable to meet in person, the dean files the Notice of Departure within 5 business days of notification.  A student who begins a medical or psychological leave of absence in the course of a semester may be eligible for a partial tuition refund.

It can be very difficult for friends when a student suddenly leaves campus. Because medical and psychological leaves involve confidential information, friends may feel frustrated and anxious about how little they are told about the situation. Students are encouraged to seek help dealing with these feelings.

Re-enrollment Procedures  

A student on medical or psychological leave must apply for re-enrollment.  The application process requires a student to answer a set of questions about why she left the College, what she has been doing since she left, why she thinks she is ready to return, and what her plans are for resuming her studies. She must also ask her health care provider to submit a letter to the Bryn Mawr Health Center that attests to her readiness to return to full-time studies.  Applications for re-enrollment are due May 20 for return in the fall and November 1 for return in the spring. Please note that medical and psychological leaves of absence generally last one year. Students on leave may obtain a re-enrollment application here.