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Preregistration Advising and Approval



In the past, we have designated a two-week period as "preregistration" during which students get advised and simultaneously preregister for courses in BiONiC.  This year, in order to enhance the advising process, there will be three weeks of  preregistration advising followed by one week of preregistration enrollment.  This will allow students to receive input from their advisers before they make decisions about what to enroll in.  

Preregistration Advising begins Monday, March 30 and continues through Friday, April 17.  During this time, first-year students will see their deans and all other students will see their major advisers. For more detailed information for your specific class, click the links below. 

Actual preregistation enrollment in BiONiC will open on Monday, April 20 at 8:30 am and close on Friday, April 24 at 4:30 pm.  During this time, you will move your final course selections from your shopping cart into your Fall schedule through the final steps of enrollment. As always, you are expected to preregister for the set of courses you intend to take. You may preregister for 4.5 units. If you wish to take 5 units, you may add a fifth course in September.  The Registrar’s Office provides a comprehensive overview of the preregistration process.  

Instructions for first-year students

Instructions for sophomores

Instructions for juniors