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Sophomore Planning Process:

Double Major / Independent Major / Haverford Major

Double Major

In the case of electing to undertake a Double Major, you will be required to complete two on-line Major Work Plans.

See the main page on double majoring for more advice and information about double major policies. 

Independent Major

In the case of Independent Major, follow the steps detailed on the Independent Major website.

Haverford Major

Haverford is not yet using an online major declaration process.  Todeclare a major at Haverford, you will complete a hard copy of Haverford's Declaration of Major form, print a copy of your Sophomore Essay, and bring both to your meeting with your Haverford Major Advisor in the spring of your sophomore year.¬†Please review these instructions from the Haverford Dean's Office.¬† You will then submit a signed hard copy of your Declaration of Major form to the Bryn Mawr Registrar's Office. 


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