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Sophomore Planning Process:

Sophomore Events

For many students, the self-assessment exercises raise more questions than they answer.

“I thought I wanted to study abroad …but maybe I should spend my entire junior year here instead and run for an SGA office?”  “I thought I wanted to complete two majors and a minor…but maybe I should focus instead on just one major and enjoy the freedom of choosing whatever electives I want to take every semester?” "I know I should explore internship opportunities, but I have no idea how to get started!"

  • Sophomore Conversations - A series of info sessions and workshops sponsored by the Dean's Office and LILAC to give you opportunities to talk with others who are facing similar decisions along with people who have been through the process already.

  • Study Abroad Information Sessions - Sessions sponsored by the Dean's Office. If you are considering study abroad, make sure to attend one; it’s required of all study abroad applicants.

  • Major Teas - Bryn Mawr faculty will be sponsoring a series of designed to help sophomores like you make informed decisions before declaring a major.

We hope you will take advantage of these various opportunities.


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