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Sophomore Planning Process:

Co-curricular Activities and Career Exploration

The questions below have been developed by Career and Professional Development and the Civic Engagement Office to help you become more aware of and confident about your interests, abilities and values. Try this self-inventory to help you identify the kinds of co-curricular activities you might want to engage in during your time at Bryn Mawr, and what career paths you might want to explore.

Choosing a life path is a process that goes better with patience, effort, and a sense of curiosity -- and of humor.  Sometimes a path already exists; sometimes it must be cut; often it's a blend of both.  At times, you might feel confused or discouraged; that's okay. Remember your strengths, passions, and commitments and give yourself scope to explore options through research, conversation, and experience. Taking steps based on purposeful and joyful inquiry is bound to work, even if they lead in unexpected directions at times.

The next step is simply to talk to people and to dive into activities and work experiences. The CEO and the CDO have many wonderful resources available including internship opportunities, an extern program and a variety of career programs.


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