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Sophomore Planning Process


*** Sophomore Celebration Dessert ***

Tuesday, April 5 | 7-8 pm | Thomas Great Hall

Mark the declaration of your major and the completion of your          Sophomore Plan with the rest of your class!

Welcome Sophomores! The Sophomore Plan is a sequenced process that provides opportunities for you to think through and get advising about your plans for selecting your major, completing college-wide requirements, deciding about studying abroad in your junior year, and exploring co-curricular and potential career interests. In the second semester of sophomore year, you will have the opportunity to reflect holistically on your experiences thus far and articulate your academic and co-curricular goals for the remainder of your undergraduate studies.

You will have completed the Sophomore Plan once you have:

(1) planned to meet college-wide requirements,
(2) declared your major,
(3) drafted your resume,
(4) written a brief Sophomore Reflection, and
(5) Study Abroad application (if applicable)

...and then celebrate with your classmates at the Sophomore Celebration Dessert in April!

Components of the Sophomore Plan

1)  College-Wide Requirements Plan:  Advising appointment with your dean

When?  Fall semester

What?  All sophomores are required to meet with their dean early in the fall semester to discuss the year ahead and have their plan to complete their college-wide requirements approved.

To do:  Be on the lookout for an email early in the fall semester from the Dean’s Office with more information about steps you will need to take. Prior to your appointment, complete your on-line College-Wide Requirements Plan (BiONiC Student Center) & your Preliminary Reflection Worksheet (print out, complete, and bring to your fall sophomore advising appointment with your dean).

How? College-Wide Requirements Plan Instructions

2)  Declaration of Major:  Meeting with your major adviser

When?  Consult timeline below. Deadlines for declaring your major will depend on your plans for applying to study abroad.

To do:   Prior to your appointment with your major adviser, complete your on-line Major Work Plan (BiONiC Student Center) and complete any other steps required by the department.


3)  Resume Draft

When?  November

What?  Create your 1-page resume draft and upload into LanternLink (accessible via BiONiC Student Center).  This component will help you begin to find ways to effectively communicate a summary of your experiences thus far and convey your interests in your co-curricular goals.

Who?  Once you have uploaded your resume draft, a LILAC staff member will reach out to you by email to provide thoughts and suggestions for future resumes. If you don’t know where to begin or you need guidance on completing your resume draft, make an appointment with a Career Counselor via LanternLink or go to CPD walk-in hours.

For your reference, please consult this Resume Rubric.

To do:  Upload your resume draft in LanternLink via your BiONiC Student Center.

How?  For sample resumes and resume-writing tips, visit

4)  Sophomore Reflection

When?  March

What?  Students will write a 300-500 word reflection taking stock of where they are in their undergraduate education and will set forth goals for the remainder of their time at Bryn Mawr. 

Who?  Deans will review your Sophomore Reflection. Major advisers will also have access to your reflection as the basis for advising conversations. Finally, members of LILAC’s staff may refer to your reflection in your career/volunteer advising conversations as well.

To Do:  Write and upload your Sophomore Reflection in your BiONiC student center.

How?  Instructions for Writing Your Sophomore Reflection 

5)  Study Abroad Application (if applicable)

When? The Bryn Mawr study abroad application deadlines are as follows:

  • Oxford, LSE, IFSA-Butler UCL, Indiana University-Bologna, IHP Cities in the 21st Century, IHP Health and Community: Friday, December 4, 2015 at 5:00 pm
  • All other approved programs: Friday, February 5, 2016 at 5:00 pm

What?  The study abroad application consists of four components:

  1. Study abroad application form (in BiONiC Student Center)
  2. Major Work Plan
  3. College-wide Requirements Plan
  4. Major Adviser Evaluation Form

How?   Students will complete the application on BiONiC and will discuss their study abroad plans with their dean to complete the College-Wide Requirement Plan and major adviser when they meet to complete the Major Work Plan. Students will ask their major adviser to submit the Major Adviser Evaluation Form (accessed via the Major Work Plan).

To Do:  Attend one of the mandatory Study Abroad Information Sessions for sophomores in the fall.  To apply, please follow the instructions listed on the Study Abroad BMC Application page.

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Timeline for Class of 2018

September 15, 17, or 18        
Sophomore Plan information sessions (attend one session)

September 21 – October 23   
Advising appointment with your Dean

November 1-30       
Create and upload your resume draft

December 4            
Deadline to complete your Major Work Plan and declare your major
For students applying to study abroad at Oxford, LSE, Indiana University Bologna, IFSA-Butler UCL, SIT-IHP Cities in 21st Century, and SIT-IHP Health and Community

February 5     
Deadline to complete your Major Work Plan and declare your major
For students applying for all other Study Abroad Approved Programs

March 1-31            
Write & upload your Sophomore Reflection

April 1                                
Deadline to complete your Major Work Plan and declare your major
For students who are not pursuing study abroad.  

April 5                       
Sophomore Celebration (Thomas Great Hall)

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Sophomore Programming/Conversations

Sophomore Conversations are information sessions and workshops that address all aspects of the Sophomore Planning Process.  All sophomores are encouraged to attend the sessions they would find to be the most useful.

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Additional Resources for Planning

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