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Sophomore Planning Process

Welcome to the Sophomore Planning Process! This process provides opportunities for you to reflect holistically on your experiences thus far and to articulate your goals for your undergraduate studies in general and your major in particular.  It gives you a chance to think through your plans for studying abroad, for electives, for career exploration and for co-curricular commitments. And it requires you to take stock of your academic progress and make plans to complete your major and all other degree requirements by college deadlines.

Required Components:

Take these next steps (available in your Student Center in BIONIC under "Sophomore Plan"):

     (1) complete your Major Work Plan
          - Deciding Your Major and Completing a Major Work Plan
          - Student Instructions for Completing the Major Work Plan

     (2) fill out your College-Wide Requirements Plan
          - Planning to Complete College-Wide Requirements and Choosing Electives
          - Student Instructions for Completing the College-Wide Requirements Plan

     (3) draft a Resume

     (4) write and submit your Sophomore Reflection Essay
           - Writing Your Sophomore Reflection Essay

Three in-person conversations:

      (5) a Major Declaration Appointment with your major adviser

      (6) a Sophomore Plan Submission Appointment with your dean

      (7) a Resume review and discussion with a member of LILAC's staff


Taking the time to complete this process with care will streamline other application processes (like the study abroad application), set you on the path to a successful major, and open the door to a fulfilling career as a Mawrter.

To get started, we encourage you to make use of the Resources for Planning listed below. Attend major teas and join sophomore conversations. Faculty and staff across the campus are available to provide assistance as you explore your options, get support in and out of the classroom, and put your plans into action.

In particular, we invite you to talk informally one-on-one with your dean or your faculty adviser (if you have been working with a faculty adviser since your first year) any time after the third week of the fall semester.

Resources for Planning:

***  Deadlines  ***

All components must be completed by the following dates.

Deadlines for students who hope to Study Abroad:

  • Wednesday, December 3, 2014:  for students applying to the University of Oxford, London School of Economics, SIT-IHP Cities in 21st Century, or SIT-IHP Health and Community programs.
  • Friday, February 6, 2015:   for students applying for Study Abroad Approved Programs for Fall 2015, Spring 2016, or Full-Year 2015-2016 Study Abroad.

General Deadline:

  • Friday, April 3, 2015:  for students who are not pursuing study abroad.

Even students who have until April to complete the process might choose to do so in the fall in order to take advantage of major advising before the spring semester.  Others who are weighing the pros and cons of several different majors might find it useful to wait to complete the process in the spring.