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Sophomore Planning Process:

Meeting with your major adviser, your dean and a LILAC staff member

Preparing for the Meetings
During the Meetings

Preparing for the Meetings

You should complete the following steps before setting up meetings with faculty and staff:

  1. Create and upload your prospective Major Work Plan
  2. Fill out your College-Wide Requirements Plan
  3. Write and submit your Sophomore Essay
  4. Draft and upload your Resume

Once accomplished, you should set up the following three meetings:

  1. Major Declaration Appointment with your major adviser
    (schedule directly with your major adviser by email or in person)
  2. Sophomore Plan Submission Appointment with your dean
    (Schedule by calling the receptionist in the Dean's Office at (610) 526-5375 or stop by the Dean's Office on the lower level of Guild Hall)
  3. Meeting with a LILAC staff member to discuss your resume and plans for out-of-the classroom opportunities.

It’s not necessary that you be 100% sure of everything before these meetings; your dean, your adviser, and LILAC staff are available to help you think things through.  In the end, you might agree to leave some things open-ended. And in some cases, students will be asked to submit revisions.

During these Meetings

During these meetings, the faculty or staff member will review your BIONIC Student Center and ask you to talk through your plans. They might suggest changes, provide alternatives, help you think through the pros and cons of various options—in short, try to make sure that the plans you’ve put together are good ones for you.    


At the end of this process, your adviser and dean will confirm in your BIONIC Student Center that your plans and essay meet the college’s objectives. A LILAC staff member will do the same with regard to your resume. From that point on, these documents will be saved in your BIONIC Student Center and be available to your dean, to your major adviser, and LILAC staff. 

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