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Extensions After the Last Day of Classes

An extension beyond the semester's deadline for written work (the last day of classes) requires:

  • Permission of both the professor and the student's dean. Students should contact both before the deadline has expired.
  • The dean and the professor must agree to all terms of the extension.

Extensions are generally granted for:

  • Circumstances beyond the student’s control, such as illness or family or personal emergency.
  • Cases where two or more of the student’s classes have no work due during the finals period itself. 
  • Lacking the above two circumstances, the dean may also support an extension with grade penalty.

Extensions are not granted:

  • To accommodate travel plans.
  • To allow students to do the best possible job on an assignment.
  • For prearranged family or social events.
  • Because several assignments fall due at the same time.
  • Because an assignment was started late.

Not all cases are clear-cut. ┬áThe student’s dean will take into consideration whether or not an extension would be fair to the student, their classmates, and their professors. If an extension is warranted, the dean will make sure that the terms are fair, clear to all parties, and officially recorded. If an extension does not seem warranted, the dean will help the student come up with strategies for managing a difficult workload and meeting academic obligations.

Note: Students seeking extensions in Haverford classes must follow Haverford's procedures and deadlines. See Haverford's Academic Regulation Guidebook for more information.