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Extensions within the Semester

You are expected to take exams, present reports and turn in written assignments at the scheduled time. Occasionally, circumstances may prevent you from doing so. Recognizing this, most professors establish policies for late work and extensions and include this information on course syllabi or other documents. Follow these policies.

If your professor has not specified policies, you should contact him or her as soon as you know you may not be able to meet a deadline. Failing to arrange an extension in advance may result in a 0 on a paper, exam, or other assignment. Although the College does not require a dean's permission for extensions within the semester, your professor may ask that your dean be consulted, particularly if you have requested more than one extension in the same semester. You may also choose to consult your dean if a medical, emotional, or family  situation makes it difficult for you to speak to your professor directly.

If you find yourself needing extensions frequently or find yourself getting more and more behind, please make an appointment to discuss your situation with your dean.  Depending on individual circumstances, it may be helpful for you to meet with a peer mentor or to work with a counselor, the Access Services Coordinator, the Academic Support and Learning Resources Specialist, or some other resource.