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Extensions Beyond the End of Finals, Deferred Exams, and Incompletes


The last day of finals marks the end of the semester and is one of the most significant dates in the academic calendar.  Because of that, requests for extensions beyond that date are very rare and subject to intense scrutiny. 

Students who have significant periods of illness or a significant injury or other emergency near the end of the semester should work with their dean and faculty to develop a schedule in advance that will allow them to complete their work.

In the case of serious illness or some other emergency that arises during the finals period itself, a student should contact her dean as soon as possible.  The dean will make every effort to contact the student's faculty member.  If necessary, a student may be entitled to be granted an extension or have an examination deferred by her dean.

Extensions on written work will normally only be for a few days.  Most commonly, the professor will still be able to submit the student's grade on time, and no grade of incomplete is necessary.

In contrast, a student who has had an exam deferred must normally take that exam on the deferred exam date. Deferred exams are usually given the Sunday before classes begin in January for exams deferred from the fall, and the Sunday before classes begin in September for those deferred from the previous spring. For students able to travel to Bryn Mawr, there may also be a deferred exam date in early June.

When necessary, students will be assigned a grade of Incomplete. Once the work is complete and the professor has submitted a grade, the registrar replaces the Incomplete with the grade. This means that Incomplete is merely a temporary grade and not something that remains permanently on the transcript.

Important note: Students seeking an incomplete in a Haverford course must abide by all Haverford regulations and deadlines.  More information is available here.