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Withdrawing From a Semester

Situations sometimes arise in the course of a semester that make it necessary for a student to take a formal break from her studies here.  This occurs most commonly when a student is ill and will need to take a medical leave. But there may be other situations (for example, the serious illness of a close family member) that also make a leave advisable.  Whenever a student needs to withdraw in the middle of the semester, her transcript will include the courses in which she had been enrolled but will list a “WD” in place of a final grade.  A “WD” does not affect a student’s GPA, and it is not viewed as a “bad grade.”  It indicates that the  student was involved in a serious situation that was out of her control.  Students withdrawing in the course of the semester will be required to complete a re-enrollment application

To request permission to withdraw mid-semester, a student should meet with her dean, who will discuss the situation and expectations for what the student should accomplish during the leave.  The dean will also file a Notice of Departure for the student.  If a student is unable to meet in person, the dean files the Notice of Departure within 5 business days of notification.  A student who withdraws in the course of a semester may be eligible for partial refund of tuition.