History of the Diversity Leadership Group and the Diversity Council


On April 25, 1988, President Mary Patterson McPherson established the Affirmative Action Advisory Board with members representing Bryn Mawr faculty, staff, and students.  The Board was charged to advise the President on future directions for increasing the effective participation of American minority groups in the life of the College. 

In 1989, Joyce Miller became the College’s first Dean of Minority Affairs. Zoila Airall replaced Dean Miller in 1996 and was named Director of Institutional Diversity.  In 2002 Cynthia Chalker was appointed Acting Director of Institutional Diversity. With Ms. Chalker’s departure, Hayley Thomas, Assistant Undergraduate Dean, became the Interim Acting Director of Institutional Diversity.  

In 1998, President Nancy J. Vickers, created the Diversity Council and several years later charged it with reviewing the work and the composition of the Office of Institutional Diversity and with recommending the future composition of the office.

In the Spring of 2004, President Vickers instituted a distributed model for diversity leadership on campus. The Diversity Leadership Group is responsible for providing strategic advice directly to the President of the College with the goal of making the campus community inclusive and supportive of all students, faculty and staff.  

The Diversity Leadership Group is composed of several key administrators and is convened by the President of the College.