Membership of the Diversity Leadership Group and the Diversity Council


Diversity Leadership Group

Kim Cassidy, President of the College
Raymond Albert, Staff Issues Liaison, Faculty Diversity Liaison and EOO
Judy Balthazar, Interim Dean of the Undergraduate College
Linda-Susan Beard, Associate Professor of English
Vanessa Christman, Assistant Dean and Director of Leadership and Community Development, The Pensby Center
Wendy Greenfield, Executive Director of the Alumnae Association
Rodney Matthews, Computer and Multimedia Specialist, Information Services
Stephanie Nixon, Assistant Dean and Director of Diversity, Social Justice and Inclusion and Title IX Coordinator, The Pensby Center
Mary Osirim, Interim Provost and Professor of Sociology
Kathy Tierney, Director of Athletics and Physical Education, Athletics and Physical Education
Peaches Valdes, Director of Admissions

Diversity Council

Chair: Stephanie Nixon, Director of Diversity, Social Justice and Inclusion & Title IX Coordinator
Isabelle Barker, Assistant Dean
Richard Barry, Director of Institutional Research
Margie DuBrow, Director of the Nonprofit Executive Leadership Institute
Monica Mercado, Director of The Albert M. Greenfield Digital Center for the History of Women’s Education and CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow
Tiffany Shumate, Assistant Director of Admissions
Bob Washington, Professor of Sociology
Alicia Walker, Assistant Professor of Medieval Art and Architecture
Syona Arora, SGA President and Class of 2015
Raquel Azcue, Class of 2015
Isabella Ballerini, Class of 2017
Sofi Chavez, Class of 2017
Grace Chung, Class of 2015
Matthew Jameson, GSAS
Ana Mejia, Class of 2015
Libby Parker, GSSWSR '15
Cordelia Perez, Class of 2017
Rhett Richardson, Class of 2015
Khadijah Seay, Class of 2016
Quanisha Smith, GSSWSR '15