Diversity Leadership Group and Diversity Council Mission Statements

Diversity Leadership Group

To provide strategic advice to the President on how to encourage a supportive climate for diversity on campus, and to monitor the effectiveness of the College’s diversity initiatives in four areas: recruitment and retention of faculty, staff, and students from underrepresented groups; attention to diversity in the curriculum; campus climate; and College programs that foster and sustain diversity.

Diversity Council

The Council supports the mission of the Diversity Leadership Group and that of the College as both a ‘think tank’ and as ‘outreach facilitators’ who attend to the curriculum; campus climate; and College programs that foster inclusiveness and diversity. Learn more about the Diversity Council's current efforts.

Bryn Mawr College

The mission of Bryn Mawr College is to provide a rigorous education and to encourage the pursuit of knowledge as preparation for life and work. Bryn Mawr teaches and values critical, creative and independent habits of thought and expression in an undergraduate liberal arts curriculum for women and in coeducational graduate programs in arts and sciences and social work and social research. Bryn Mawr seeks to sustain a community diverse in nature and democratic in practice, for we believe that only through considering many perspectives do we gain a deeper understanding of each other and the world... full text