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Department of East Asian Studies
Bryn Mawr College
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Haverford College
Founders 123
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Yoko Koike

Senior Lecturer
Director of the Japanese Language Program

M.S., University of Pennsylvania

Phone: 610-896-1109
Office: Founders 126

"In my classes, I aim at helping to create a learning community where students appreciate different viewpoints and different ways of expressions. In this environment, students often learn through interaction. We limit the use of English to a minimum in class to help students become speakers of Japanese as early as possible. I am pleased that many of my students are involved in a language partnership with Japanese residents in the area from which they learn invaluable lessons. Especially in the intermediate and advanced classes, students receive rigorous training in reading authentic texts. My goal for teaching is to help students work both autonomously and collaboratively while enjoying its process, for I believe that is essential in an effective learning."