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East Asian Studies Majors

At Bryn Mawr:

Yanrong Chen '14

Kristen Shigeyo Head ‘14

Amanda Michelle Guadalupe '15

Shuyi Lin '15

Patricia Roman Lopez '14

Qi'er Luo ‘15

Reina Joameng Qu '15

Rabia Muhaiyaddeen Shahab ‘14

Aly Michelle Walsh '15

Betrice Marie Yambrach ‘14

Mengchen Zhang ‘14

Mengnan Zhang '16

At Haverford:

Ashley B. Davis-Reed ‘14

Kathryn E. Hayden ‘14            

Nicky G. Miranda ‘14               

Major Representatives

Study Abroad Guidelines

The Department of East Asian Studies strongly recommends study abroad to maximize language proficiency and cultural familiarity. Because study abroad provides an unparalleled opportunity to study a culture from the inside, students spending a semester or year in China, Japan or Korea will be required to prepare an essay of 10 pages on significant issues confronting their host country, based on information from local newspapers or magazines, television or personal interviews. No departmental credit will be granted for study abroad without satisfactory completion of this assignment, whose details should be worked out with the student’s adviser.

Formal approval is required by the study abroad adviser prior to the student’s travel. Without this approval, credit for courses taken abroad may not be accepted by the East Asian Studies Department.

If studying abroad is not practical, students may consider attending certain intensive summer schools approved by the East Asian Studies Department. These plans must be worked out in concert with the department’s study abroad adviser and the student’s dean.

Here is another wonderful summer opportunity in China for Bi-Co students. 

NTU is a university in Singapore, and it has established a summer program in Tianjin, China, in collaboration with Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges (one of the two summer courses is taught by a Bryn Mawr professor in the Cities Program.  Check the flyer for further information.  The two courses are NOT Chinese language courses but rather on economics and environmental studies taught in English.

NTU offers partial scholarship to three BMC students and three HC students.  The deadline for application is extended to April 8, 2012.  Applicants from HC, please send your application material to Dean Mancini (;  those from BMC should send your application to Susan Sutton, Office of the President, (

Link to the brochure:  NTU Summer Program Brochure

Representative Careers of Students

What do alumnae do after graduating with a major in East Asian Studies? Many of our majors go on to graduate school to pursue careers in higher education, law, pharmacy, medicine, investment, banking, and economics; others join the job market after leaving Bryn Mawr. Below are representative careers of some of our recent graduates.

  • Researcher
  • Marketing Analyst
  • High School Teachers
  • Legal Assistants
  • Consultant in Management Firm
  • Communications Specialist
  • Foreign Exchange Trader
  • Retail Consultant
  • Research Assistant
  • Giving Officer

Tutoring Program

Chinese Tutoring Program at Bryn Mawr and Haverford  Colleges 2012-2013

Getting A Tutor
The Bi-Co Chinese Program, in conjunction with the Dean’s Offices at the two colleges, offers a free peer-tutoring program for all currently enrolled Chinese language students. Any student needing academic assistance should take advantage of this wonderful resource.

Procedure for getting tutoring at BMC

At BMC all students who want tutors need to request them through the online tutor request form.  The form is very brief and easy to fill out. Once a student completes and submits the request form, the form is processed by the Head Tutors and the Dean's Office, and he or she is assigned a tutor or tutors, depending on the specific needs.  Here is the link to the Tutoring Program:

At the bottom of the webpage, there is a link to the actual tutor request form.

Procedure for getting tutoring at HC

At HC students who want tutors can directly contact the Chinese language tutors listed in the Chinese Program (See the list on the Bi-Co Chinese Program homepage).

At both BMC and HC, tutoring is done on a one-on-one basis by appointment. Please check the Tutoring Schedule for tutor availability. Tutoring is available up to two hours per week.

We encourage all of our students to consider using this free service at any point of their study of Chinese in areas where individually tailored one-on-one tutorials will be most effective in addressing the students’ needs.

Becoming a Tutor at BMC

Students who would like to become tutors need to apply for the tutoring position online. The form is listed on the student employment office webpage ( At the same time, they also need to schedule an interview with Zhang Changchun Laoshi ( If it is decided that the student meets our standards, he or she will get a recommendation from him.

Becoming a Tutor at HC

Students who would like to become tutors can directly contact Zhang Changchun Laoshi ( for an interview.  If it is decided that the student meets our standards, he or she will get a recommendation to the Dean’s Office. The Chinese Program selects tutors with high standards and offers training. After the training, we classify tutors according to their strengths and our needs. So some tutors are classified to tutor any and all areas, such as pronunciation, speaking, listening, reading, character writing (simplified or traditional) and Pinyin spelling. Some tutors are authorized to tutor in certain areas, but not all. Our tutors are all instructed NOT to tutor on Grammar, which is a topic that should be discussed only with the faculty members in the program.

If you have any questions, please contact your teacher of the course you are currently taking, or Zhang Changchun Laoshi, or Huang Shizhe Laoshi (


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